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Ted Bundy Jokes

What is a Ted Bundy sandwich?
Fried egg on burnt toast.

Why did Ted Bundy want to become a lawyer?
To file wrongful death suits!

Why couldn't Ted Bundy go out the night he was executed in the electric chair?
He was grounded.

What did Ted Bundy get for Christmas?
A smoking jacket.

What was the last thing through Ted Bundy's mind?
Current events.

What was Ted Bundy's last job in prison?

Did you hear about Ted Bundy's emotional state the day of his electrocution?
I heard he got really hot under the collar.

What's Ted Bundy's favorite Band?

For Ted Bundy...
Tuesday was Fryday.

What was Ted Bundy's favorite book?
Little Women.

Why didn't they fry Ted Bundy twice?
It would have been too revolting.

Did you hear about Ted Bundy's last meal?
In the morning he got bacon, eggs, and toast. Later on that same day, he got the juice.

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