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Rod Hull Jokes

What has four legs and goes, "Sssshhhhhh"?
Rod Hull's television.

Submitted by Rob P via Forum

What were Rod Hull's last words?
"Emu, grab on to that fucking gutter!"

What was the last thing to go through Rod Hull's mind as he fell?
His conservatory.

What does Rod Hull and Emu have in common?
Neither of them can fly.

Did you hear about Rod Hull's funeral?
The reception was awful!

Saint Peter to Rod Hull:
"Just think, if you had cable you wouldn't be here right now!"

What does Rod Hull & River Phoenix have in common?
They both had a fatal night on the tiles.

What were Rod Hull's last words?
"Fly! You fucker, fly!"

What was Rod Hull's favorite musical?
Fiddler On The Roof.

What does Rod Hull do his washing with?
Aerial and bounce.

What's the connection between Rod Hull and Freddie Mercury?
They both died after fucking around with a TV!

Was Rod death really an acident?
Where were Big Bird and Frank Oz at the time?

What have Rod Hull and the European Commission got in common?
Neither have a hand in EMU anymore.

Why doesn't Emu need Viagra?
Because now his Rod is permanently stiff.

What's the difference between Rod Hull's roof and Vanessa Feltz?
One's very large, covered in slippery green slime and is difficult to get on top of; and the other's Rod Hull's roof.

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