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John F. Kennedy Jr. Jokes

Why didn't JFK, Jr. take a shower before he left for the Vineyard?
He said he'd just wash up on shore!

What's the Kennedy's flying motto?
Your luggage will arrive before you do!

What do Kennedys miss most about Martha's Vineyard?
The runway.

Why was JFK, Jr. flying to the Vineyard?
He wanted to crash his cousin's wedding.

What will they name the movie about JFK, Jr.?
Three funerals and a wedding.

"Picking up the Pace" Department:
Used to be that the Kennedys drowned their women one at a time!

There has already been a lot of speculation as to what may have caused JFK, Jr.'s plane to crash. Some have even suggested that he may have run into a bird. Others have questioned how many and what type of bird would be enough to bring down an airplane under these circumstances. I myself subscribe to the single pullet theory...

What was the last thing to go thru JFKJ's mind when he crashed?
The windshield.

Why was the search called off so quickly?
They positively identified a hunk and two pieces of ass.

Well, they can finally prove that it was JFK's plane that went down ... Ya, they found his shampoo ... his head and shoulders surfaced.

And they said he was washed up at 38.

Who taught JFK jr how to fly?
Princess Di's driver.

What's the difference between JFK, Jr and Uncle Teddy?
Uncle Teddy can swim!

What was JFK Jr drinking at the time of the crash?
Ocean Spray.

What do the Kennedys fear the most?
Old age.

Where do the Kennedys' go for their vacation?
All over Martha's Vineyard.

How did JFK Jr learn how to fly?
Crash course.

If Teddy Kennedy had been flying with JFK Jr, he would have swam for help... JFK Jr would still have drowned, but we wouldn't know for another 8 hours.

Even though the wedding has been called off... It still looks like they will make good use of the priest.

Just like his uncle Ted... He wanted one last drink!

Too bad uncle Ted wasn't on board... They could have used him as a floatation device.

A frustrated St. Peter to the Grim Reaper... "For the last time! I said TED KENNEDY! Not John, not Robert, not Michael, not Jaquelline! I said TED!"

What did St. Peter first say to JFK Jr.?
"Just because your name was on an airport doesn't mean you could fly!"

When word got out in the afterlife that JFK Jr. had fallen into the ocean...
Owen Hart said, "Water! Why didn't I think of that?"

How many Kennedys does it take to change a light bulb?
Unknown. Kennedys don't last as long as light bulbs.

The news mentioned the divers made the bodies "more presentable" before bringing them back to the surface. I guess that means putting their clothes back on.

They say John F. Kennedy Jr's left wing fell off... Sounds like a right wing conspiracy.

What do Republicans say about JFK Jr's political chances for President?
All washed up.

What was the forecast for Cape Cod?
Cloudy, with widely scattered bodies and debris.

Why is Al Gore pissed at JFK jr?
He didn't like him polluting the water.

What did JFK jr. say to Ted Kennedy before departing for Martha's Vineyard?
"You feed the dog and I'll feed the fish"

Why aren't there more JFK jr. jokes out there?
They just haven't surfaced yet!

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