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Kurt Cobain Jokes

How does Princess Di & Kurt Cobain collect their thoughts?
With a shovel.

Why did Kurt shoot himself?
Because he could no longer shoot up the charts.

Whats the difference between Kurt Cobain and a mug of beer?
A beer still looks good when you blow the head off.

Did you hear that Nirvana is planning to do another album?
If they can just find a lead singer who can keep his head together...

What does Kurt Cobain and Michaelangelo have in common?
They both used their brains to paint the ceiling.

What's red and gray and hanging on the wall behind the sofa?
Kurt Cobain's brain!

What's red and has more brains than Kurt Cobain?
The wall behind him.

What was the last thing Kurt Cobain say to Courtney Love?
Hole's gonna be real big!

Why were there only two pallbearers at his funeral?
There's only two handles on a garbage can.

What's got six legs, six arms, and two heads?

What was the last thing to go through Kurt Cobain's mind?
A bullet!

What did Kurt have to drink before he died?
A couple of shots.

What was the best thing that Kurt Cobain ever released?
The safety catch on that gun.

What color were Kurt's eyes?
Blue. One blew this way and one blew that way!

What does Kurt Cobain and hockey have in common?
Face-off in the corner.

What sound did Kurt's shotgun make?
Kurt-Kurt Cobain.

What was the best cure for Kurt Cobain's depression?
10-gauge buckshot.

You know... Kurt Cobain would have had a great career...
If he didn't go shooting off his mouth!

Why did Kurt Cobain use a shot gun?
Because anacin was too weak.

Kurt Cobain should have changed his name before he committed suicide…
Kurt Gobang!

Why won't they let Kurt Cobain drive convertibles?
His head whistles.

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