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Spice Girls Jokes

What have Posh Spice and Man Utd got in common?
They both play with Beckham.

What do you call a Spice Girl with 2 brain cells?

What is the different between All Saints and the Spice Girls?
Well it was about 18 stone, then Geri left.

What do you call three dogs and a blackbird?
Ummm, I wonder!!!

What the difference between the Spice Girls and All Saints?
All saints can sing as a foursome.

How do you know when a spice girl has used your computer?
There's correction fluid on the screen.

How do you know if another spice girl has used your computer?
There's writing on the correction fluid.

Whats the difference between the film Spice World and Titanic?
In the film Titanic at least the iceberg can act.

What do you stay to a Spice Girl in 12 months time?
Cod and Chips please.

Anyone got any decent Spice Girl jokes?
No. There's no such thing as a decent Spice Girl.

What's the difference between an Indian curry and the Spice girls?
An Indian curry has Ginger in it.

Did you hear that Louise Woodward is set to be the new manager of the Spice girls?
The first thing she is going to do is drop Baby Spice.

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