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Frank Sinatra Jokes

They're going to hold the wake at Burger King...
So they can 'have it their way'

How did frank Sinatra punish his kids?
No ice in their drinks.

Heard about his new film? From Here to Eternity 2.
This time its personal.

Sinatra family members insist that, despite his death, Frank is in perfect health.

Frank Sinatra is dead. This is not a drill. We repeat. Sinatra is dead. This is not a drill.

What did the Grim Reaper say to St. Peter before visiting Frank.
Hey, I'll make him an offer he can't refuse...

It turns out that Frank Sinatra didn't really die...
He's just a little stiff from an overdose of Viagra.

It was announced today that Frank Sinatra is to be cremated.
From now on he will be known as "The Charred Man Of The Board."

I suppose that it does prove it pays to be "Young at Heart"

Frank arrives in heaven and he seeks out Dean Martin.
"Sorry- Jerry is still popular".

Now they really are packs for rats.

How prophetic of Nancy...
"One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you"

Looks like Frank Sinatra just couldn't live without Seinfield.

What was the most surprising thing about Sinatra's death?
The Mafia had nothing to do with it.

What do you need to do for a Rat Pack reunion?
Hide the Nitro Glycerine pills.

Frank Sinatra may have been the chairman of the board...
But now he's as stiff as a board.

Instead of a hearse, Sinatra is going to be carried in the trunk of a Cadillac.

From Rat Pack to Rat Snack.

How did Frank Sinatra die?
Stranglers in the night!

One of the touching personal accounts sent in to us... Frank Sinatra saved my life once...
Four guys were beating me up in an alley, and then frank said, "That's enough."

What was the first thing he did when he got to heaven?
Had a few belts with Michael Hutchence.

What is Dean, Peter and Sammy getting for Memorial Day?

Why did it take a week to bury Frank?
He wasn't there to tell his family what to do,

What's grey and hairy and won't be worn this Xmas?
Old Blue Eye's wig!

He did it his way...
and he's just as dead as the guys who did it another way.

What did Frank say to St. Peter when asked if he lived a good Christain life?
"No interviews, baby."

What has broken legs & floats down the river?
People who tell Sinatra jokes.

Frank's latest project...
Duets with Dead Cats.

What song does Frank's ghost sing to Joey Bishop?
Come Fly With Me.

"My Kind Of Tomb" "Death Be A Lady Tonight" "And now, the time!"

What did Diana say to Sinatra when he arrived in - wherever they are?
I believe you also had problems with "the family"

Frank finally has something in common with his daughter's singing/acting career.

According to a statement released by his family, Frank Sinatra's condition hasn't improved...
He is still dead.

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